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How does GriefChat work with universities?

Our counsellor’s qualifications make them better suited to support those aged eighteen and over through bereavement. If you are seeking bereavement support for a child, we would recommend reaching out to a dedicated service or charity for this.

We can, however, support teachers who have a pupil that is coping with bereavement and provide guidance in this area.

GriefChat is also fully equipped to work with universities in developing their own bespoke online resource to support students through bereavement, including but not limited to incorporating our online instant chat service onto an internal student intranet or online account.

This would allow anyone in the university coping with bereavement to speak with a qualified, professional Bereavement Counsellor Monday to Friday 9:00am – 9:00pm. We would also be able to guide them to further support if this was deemed suitable.

Grief can be incredibly distracting and consuming, and at such a crucial time in a person’s career it’s important for universities to be able to provide the right bereavement support.

For more information on how GriefChat can support your university, email or call us on 01524 889823.

Become a GriefChat partner

    Become a GriefChat partner

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