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Free, professional support through grief with a qualified bereavement counsellor.

At GriefChat, we believe professional bereavement support should always be accessible to those in need.

We support organisations in helping those dealing with grief by providing them with a safe space for bereaved people to be able to share their story, explore their feelings and be supported by a qualified bereavement counsellor. In addition to this, GriefChat can help bereaved people to consider if they need additional support and where to get this from.

Bereavement will impact everyone differently, though often deeply. The wait that many are forced to face for professional support can have detrimental effects on an individual’s personal life, work life and own self-care.

Early intervention and counselling can help to prevent or lessen further mental health challenges that can come with grief. That’s why organisations from bereavement charities to insurance providers across the country have already chosen to incorporate GriefChat into their own support plan for bereaved people.

GriefChat gives any bereaved person the opportunity to speak with a qualified, professional bereavement counsellor via online instant chat service, Monday to Friday 09:00 – 21:00 (GMT), no matter where they are in the world at no cost to them.

We can also provide one to one counselling and information on support services in their location, as well as provide resources and information on how to better support bereaved people and provide an understanding on different types of grief.

How does GriefChat work?

GriefChat makes it possible for organisations to provide free and professional bereavement support to others. By becoming a partner, you can enter into a variety of agreements depending on the need of your organisation.

Most popular by far is the GriefChat instant chat box, which makes it possible to speak with a counsellor Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 21:00 (GMT).

This can be installed onto your website, intranet or private page in less than 20 minutes, and can be white labelled to mirror your own branding. We also offer other bereavement services, including one to one counselling and support via the telephone.

Additionally, we can provide guidance to HR professionals on compassionate leave criteria and bereavement support.

What makes GriefChat different?

The first of its kind and completely unique; we are the only organisation that makes bereavement support with a professional, qualified bereavement counsellor immediately accessible and free for the user.

At the point of recruitment, all of our counsellors carry a minimum qualification of a Level 4 Counselling Diploma with a minimum experience of 100 practice hours, with many achieving degree and postgraduate qualifications in this area.

Additionally, our counsellors must undergo professional supervision and provide evidence of continuing professional development. We also provide ongoing specialist training and development for them, so they can continue to provide specialist support across many areas of grief.

You will always receive the same high-level dedication and professionalism on GriefChat, no matter which counsellor you end up talking to.

Is GriefChat right for my business?

Grief can affect anyone at any time, and that can have a detrimental impact on their work, home life and social life.

Whether you work in a sector that comes into contact with grief regularly or you work in a world that feels completely disconnected from grief, you’ll find that providing professional grief support will improve your relations with and retention of employees and clients alike.

From a public product on your customer-facing page, to a private section where staff can log in and find support, GriefChat can support you in supporting others through grief.

For more information, visit the Become a Partner section of our website or email

How can I get bereavement support from GriefChat as an individual?

GriefChat is not limited to being a partnership organisation. If you’re affected by bereavement and need support, please visit the Bereavement Counselling section of the website.