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Grief doesn’t end with the funeral

As representatives of the funeral industry, your role in the lives of bereaved people will be one of the most important on their grief journey. The value of professional bereavement support for those in need is well known, which is why we’d like to work with you to reach those people are early into their journey as possible.

Above and beyond for those who need you

Organising a funeral is not only about understanding the wishes of the deceased, but also the needs of those left behind. As hard as you work, it is not always possible to meet every funeral request. But it should always be possible to provide immediate, professional bereavement support.

With GriefChat, you have the potential to offer anything from instant chat with a fully qualified bereavement counsellor Monday – Friday 09:00 – 17:00, to bereavement counselling face to face or over the phone.

We can also rebrand any GriefChat tools you use to replicate your own organisation, rather than ours.

More important than ever

The Covid-19 pandemic forced restrictions onto funerals that no one was prepared for. You have no doubt have been in contact with families who have suffered grief without the comfort of specific funeral wishes nor the strength of their loved ones around them. Our counsellors understand this and have spoken to thousands of people whose grief has been impacted by the pandemic.

Whatever support you’re seeking to provide, we can put a package together that works for you and the families you represent.

Become a GriefChat partner

    Become a GriefChat partner

      Who works with GriefChat?

      We are proud to already be able to bring professional bereavement support to so many people dealing with grief, thanks to the following funeral directors and crematoriums:

      AG Morriss Funeral Service
      Anstey Funeral Directors