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You have the power to help so much.

Whether your businesses is in a sector such as banking, travel or insurance, or if you’re an EAP looking to create or add to an existing Bereavement Support package, working with GriefChat will mean you’re able to offer high-quality, professional bereavement support that will always be free to the user.

Why should my business offer GriefChat?

Grief doesn’t have to be a mental health problem, but without the right support it can soon manifest into one. It can also hit us quite unexpectedly. By providing early intervention in bereavement whenever it’s needed, you will be helping the very people who bring meaning to your organisation to regain long-term strength and find light in the darkness.

A dedicated approach.

We can find the right bereavement package that suits whatever your organisation is looking to offer. Whether that’s hosting the instant chat service on a private webpage or intranet, or covering a pre-determined amount of dedicated one to one counselling with our bereavement counsellors, we can make sure your able to offer your clients the kind of support they will value.

How can my business support bereaved employees?

As well as provide tools and access to bereavement counsellors to support your employees, GriefChat can also provide guidance to your business in how you and others in your organisation can make your colleagues feel better supported through grief.

When dealing with grief, it’s not always easy to tell your employer how you’re feeling. It’s the responsibility of the employer to make this as easy as possible to work through, so by making it known at the point of employment that you offer bereavement support if ever needed you’re immediately pre-emptively making this journey easier for your employees.

Depending on the size of your organisation, you may choose to install the GriefChat chat box on an internal intranet. You may also choose to support employees on a set number of one to one sessions with a Bereavement Counsellor.

Whatever support you’re seeking to provide, we can put a package together that works for you, your business and your team.

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    Become a GriefChat partner

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